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The entire first floor of the hall was occupied by personnel of both full piece knife Qi Ju, Hansha groaning, densely population collapse from time to time with the blood hot shot. Mens air max trainers 90 combat theater Yong, lead, crowded at the top, hands waving blades have whipped up and down, a series of exhibition fixation helped several people, a time unstoppable. Lord so brave, the following staff morale risen, North freemason five hundred elite officers seem a knife, into the body live in Green www.buytrainersukstore.co.uk Division. At this point, the Green Gang Division surprisingly quiet, and the entire building, no lights, its looked dark, in the night, like a huge monster lying there, all exude a vague chill of the air. Mens air max trainers 90 off, looked up to watch, could not make a secret of the Cold War, was a stock uncomfortable feeling. But he did not deep thought that he had been too excited about the relationship caused.

He took out his pocket cloth, tied hands, and then, out of steel, next rival brothers muttered. Red! Sand go! He gave the order, the following persons may no matter who, swarm, vertical segments of building the Green Gang rush past. Only to hear crashed, the main entrance of the building was crushed glass Bangzhong North freemason, hundreds of good people, like Fengleyiban, yelling stormed the building. Soon, North freemason red in front of people and help young guards in direct confrontation.

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Orient Stern said. Du Father is the top-level figures CMC, but we also have the backing of the political department, as long as things do not come to an impasse, we are there is room, however, if you really and they played together, the day the king I can not protect you, do you understand? Xie brother, now is not the time to try to be brave, and they take a trip of it, anyway, the military will face political department, not the kind you how, but, if you resist, that nature is not the same, I think this is also most want to see Du Father, you are wise. Should understand what I mean. Nike Air Max did not answer immediately, but draw a cigarette lit, inhaled deeply, a full half a minute of silence, he said. Sangzaizhitong, will the old man crazy, and I fell into his hands, he will kill me. Orient a Nike Air Max tone, suddenly anxious, he said. The relationship between high-level, not so simple as you think, where intricate layers of constraints, some things that even the most high-level summits are afraid to pursue.

Believe me, there is cheap nike air max in Shanghai, he used the relationship between the Golden Triangle, so debauched Du Ting Wei infected with AIDS. Calculate the time, there should be more than a year. He laughed. Think about it, he should be dead, right? Yes! Shortly before the death. Orient sighed and said. I think this is exactly the problem. What does this mean? Nike Air Max looked up, then screwed up his eyes and said sadly. Are you saying that is Du Ting Wei's father in the dirty tricks? Well! Orient should be uttered only lightly, as this sensitive matter, he could not say too understand. Oh! Nike Air Max suddenly, shaking his head, said. That being said, I can not even go with them, otherwise, it does not mean self into the jaws of death? But you do not go with them, you can escape to where to go? Unless you do not want a country.


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Shou Wen Quan and Nike sale UK 2013 can be said to buy the cheap trainers 90 heavily master their side, but the character of the two diametrically opposite. Shou Wen Quan money, and as long as the money, he will be tempted to get what he things work hard. The Nike sale UK 2013 is not the same, although it has also received a cheap trainers 90 a lot of money, but that is his excuse, or a disguise, he's 90, the cheap trainers have only one purpose, that is, you can kill more people in cheap trainers 90 this umbrella. Wen Quan took the fed to keep the phone, cheap trainers 90 phone calls back to the palace in turn run out, teeth asked. Parishes gone. I CA0 TM's Chen Tianyu it? Chen Tianyu dead go? Run Ming Palace swallow mouth spittle, stammered. I heard that Chen. Sky brother killed. Fool! cheap trainers 90 foot, will be the only one chair kicked around and roared. Dead good! Such a waste, dead more TM's peace of mind! Breathe a few breaths, he asked. Parishes who beat down? Yes. Is cheap Nike air max! What? cheap Nike air max? cheap trainers 90 leather scratched his head, walked to nike air max 2013 the anger on a belly, and then listening to the news of the fall of parishes, he's a wailing throat, and fell directly to the phone, and then he heard a banging bedroom crushing sound.

At this time, two girls woke up, scared hold together, huddled, hiding in the corner shivering. Hear sounds wrong, bodyguards at the door forced open the door, rushed in, saw the cheap trainers 90 standing naked in the room, his face ashen breathing heavily, and all the bodyguards an individual overdone, bodyguard captain whispered asked. A brother, what ah? Roll! cheap trainers 90 fingers door, shouting road. Both TM Get out! Bodyguards scared a shrink neck, have dared to breathe the atmosphere, one quietly exit the room. When the bodyguard to go out when the captain, cheap trainers 90 he stopped, said. Koizumi, put your phone to me! Wen Quan named defensive captain, in his thirties, of medium build, looks normal, shiny black skin. He is a retired Special Forces soldier, had retired after have a good job, but because of a fight when the man accidentally killed, was sentenced to severe punishment, cheap trainers 90 fancy later, he came out from his cell to spend the neighborhood, Wen Quan also logical to keep with the cheap trainers 90.


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